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"A world away from ... other musical ensembles" - Yale Daily News

Low Strung is a group of twelve classically trained cellists from Yale University who make up the largest all-cello rock ensemble in the world. The group transforms classics of the rock, pop, metal, and blues genres into pieces designed exclusively for the cello. The final product is something that cannot be found anywhere else: music that bursts with the excitement of rock but is executed with the thundering bass and butter-smooth treble of the cello. Their constantly-expanding repertoire spans the gamut from the 1960's to today, from The Who and Led Zeppelin to Lady Gaga and Imagine Dragons. The sweeping arrangements are also opportunities for unlikely musical encounters: J.S. Bach and Amy Winehouse, Beethoven and The Eagles.

Low Strung debuted at Yale University in 2005, immediately establishing itself as one of the most exciting musical groups on campus. Word quickly spread, and the group's concerts are now some of the most anticipated events of the year. Low Strung has also become a favorite thoughout New England and New York, routinely performing at nightclubs, art galleries, schools, weddings, and other events. Every March the group goes on tour to a different city in the United States.

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